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YouTube will donate $1 million to the Center for Policing Equity

YouTube says it will donate $1 million to the Center for Policing Equity, to demonstrate “solidarity against racism and violence.” The Alphabet-owned video platform tweeted that it was pledging the funds “in support of efforts to address social injustice.” The company did not specifically reference the demonstrations in cities across …

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Trump vs. Twitter: The president takes on social media moderation

After Twitter gave one of President Trump’s tweets a modest reality check, the president threatened to “shut down” social media companies, personally targeted a Twitter employee, and signed an executive order that would affect the entire internet. It’s the latest salvo in a long-simmering feud between the president and his …

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Zoom paid accounts reportedly will get strong encryption for calls

Zoom will add stronger encryption to its paid customers’ video calls, but isn’t planning to offer the enhanced security to all accounts, Reuters reported. A security consultant with the company told Reuters that it still wasn’t clear whether some accounts, such as nonprofit users, might qualify for the more secure …

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The Verge’s favorite hobbies to do while stuck at home

nc efi placeholder - The Verge’s favorite hobbies to do while stuck at home

If you’re anything like us, over the past couple of months you’ve probably finished every “must watch” TV series on Netflix, cleaned your apartment from top to bottom, and completed every video game in your backlog. We get it: social distancing can get pretty boring. So if you’re finding yourself …

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Microsoft lays off journalists to replace them with AI

Microsoft is laying off dozens of journalists and editorial workers at its Microsoft News and MSN organizations. The layoffs are part of a bigger push by Microsoft to rely on artificial intelligence to pick news and content that’s presented on MSN.com, inside Microsoft’s Edge browser, and in the company’s various …

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